This he myths surrounding Pregnancy most often Heard

- 11:45 PM
There is a lot of HOMEWORK to be done women during pregnancy. In addition to maintaining a lifestyle, the prospective mother should know what things are prohibited and are not prohibited during pregnancy to make sure that the baby's condition is always healthy. There are many things which should not be done for pregnant women contains, such as should not be eating sushi or caffeine.

As an expectant mother, you need to sort out the information conveyed by the community wisely. Most of the information is just a myth that could not be confirmed. As for the myth that pregnancy is often believed to be in Indonesia, among others:

1. Allowed consuming red wine
The majority of the public believes red wine good for your health, especially if taken in the right measure. This is not true. However, red wine contains alcohol that may harm fetal conditions, such as enlarging the risk of occurrence of physical disabilities, mental disorders, and damage to brain cells in the fetus.

2. It is prohibited to paint hair while pregnant
Who says pregnant women should not dye my hair? Enhance your appearance is customarily performed by women, including during pregnancy. It's just, women need to pay attention to the ingredients found in beauty products that will be used. Avoid chemicals that contain mercury, retinoids, and other harmful substances so that the baby can grow healthy.

3. Water bath alum so that baby's skin white smooth
Some people believe if water can whiten alum and baby smooth skin, when it is not. Very dangerous if alum water contaminated with baby's skin very thin and sensitive. Alum water containing heavy metals. If used in the long term can cause irritation of the skin, kidney disorders, and liver disorders. We recommend that you ask for the advice of a doctor first before you bathe the baby in water, alum.

4. Should not keep cats and dogs
This one is definitely a myth that often you hear. Cat and dog fur is considered dangerous, so pregnant women are prohibited from keeping cats and dogs. Can not be denied, cats and dogs do indeed carry the germs of diseases that endanger health, especially if the two tiny animals rarely bathed. However, it doesn't mean you shouldn't keep both. It's just that, you need to create a distance to avoid parasitic infections.

5. Add a portion to eat while pregnant
Many people say that pregnant women need to add portion packed to meet the nutritional needs of the mother and the prospective infants. This is just a mere myth. You don't need to eat too much lest satiety. However, you need to pay attention to the quality of food consumed. Make sure the foods contain nutrients balanced nutritional intake in order for yourself and the baby would be sure of. Customize servings to eat with weight, height, and daily activities.

6. Avoid consumption of spicy food
Don't be afraid if you want to eat spicy foods while pregnant. It's just that, you need to pay attention to the food spiciness level. Avoid foods that are "too" spicy because it can result in prolonged diarrhea and heartburn. If you are already accustomed to eating spicy food and does not happen any effect, you do not need to worry to eat spicy food.

7. Forbidden to inspect the teeth to a dentist
Pregnant women need to ensure oral health to avoid mold growth that can lead to swelling of the gums. The problem tooth and mouth also raises the potential for the occurrence of heart attacks and inhibit blood flow to the fetus. For that, I need to pay attention to the teeth and mouth by way of diligent brushing and mouthwash in order to avoid the use of the oral cavity feels fresh.