How to speed up the Loading of the Blog easily and successfully

- 12:05 AM
Build a blog that is lightweight and also fast is something that should be done by all beginner blogger without exception. Know about you? By having a quick blog certainly can improve ranking in search engines especially Google. Not only that, by accelerating the loading of the blog can provide an enjoyable experience to all who visit your blog.

However, some people do not take into account their blog loading speed as it tends to put a lot of ads on one page so it will make loading the blog became slower. In addition internet quota issued will be even more wasteful. Because of the above terms should the bloggers consider factors – factors that could make their online page loading becomes heavy.

There are actually many different ways that can be done to speed up the loading of a web page so that it becomes faster. Website optimization online it an awful lot, ranging from optimizing the blog layout, optimization in the title in order to be attractive, ad placement, and there's still more. Well, what about the speed of your blog? Is your blog included in the category of fast or slow?

If your web site is the web with heavy loading. Then, this article had interesting Tips and tricks to speed up the loading of the blog, is likely to be managed in a manner that fairly easily. Before, know your kah? Anything that can slow down the loading of your internet business site? then before you know how to handle it, you should know the cause first.

Some of the things his likely is due to the large size Image, many ads on one page, the type of the template, select the heavy hosting etc. Therefore from the various possibilities let us find the solution on the below description includes tips and tricks are easy and successful in accelerating/optimization of your blog so lightly. Yuk please follow the discussion.

How to speed up the Loading of the blog easily and successfully

1. Choose a suitable Niche to Blog

Some people suggest to choose the niche that matches your skills and interests, others again recommend to choose a niche that many in the search on the internet. And it is the second that opinion have a point. But there is good advice if you want to earn money from Google Adsense is to choose a Niche that you like and no relation to the topic about blogging.

Because it is in fact the best niche is that you like and Ahold. However, you can still be free to title or other topics a little widened and connected with the main niche of your blog. Niche with many perennial keywords would be the best option in order to continue to be sought after by many people all the time.

2. Build your Blog SEO Friendly

Berupayalah not to use too many features on a page of your blog, especially for users of Wordpress. Generally the use of redundant Plugins that can make the process of loading the blog become longer. No one likes to linger long wait loading a blog isn't it? Therefore you need to pay attention to the standard of your blog, as well as the Title and description of the Homepage, other things that affect the SEO.

3. Minimize the Size In CSS

The next tip is to minimize the size of the CSS used on your blog so there will be more light weight and indirectly can speed up loading on your site. You do not need to reduce the size of the CSS manually, because in a way it's actually going to take a very long time. But you can try to minimize the size of CSS with CSS using the site as an example is at

4. Compress images before Upload

It would be better before you upload an article with image attachment, try do advance the process compresses the image. Although quite elaborate and requires some time again. But it turns out that the results good loh, besides being able to speed up the loading of the blog, this allows the existence of savings deposits of the room on your blog. However, the escape from it all more baikuntuk don't reduce sharpness in the image so that it can be tough to be seen by the visitors.

5. Limit the number of ad impressions

Sometimes there's just the blogger who started putting up ads with blindly, this is the one who can make your blog have a performance which is not good because it is slow. Good advice to do not too much put ads on one page, you can slow down the loading process blog, it can also interfere with the visitors to be able to read the content of your writing well, things in another worry about is advertising not even support a rather disturbing the comfort of visitors.