How to open the Application on your PC without Instagram

- 12:15 AM
Generally open Instagram certainly should use the official Application from Instagram. However, if You Know that it can also get into instagram without using the application? This of course can be done. Because basically, An internet-based Website Site can all be open and wore it without the application of his own.

Not only does social media Networking Instagram, another famous can open without applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Path even Whatsapp. You can open his easily using Your favorite search engine such as Google, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Yahoo, My way and more.

Well, considering the Social Media site instagram is one of the most popular in the world, which serves as a platform for sharing photos, video or story instagram and its popularity has indeed worldwide. Not rarely certain, most people including you anytime and anywhere is trying to access the account instagram.

How does? This is evident from the existence of active users that reach as much as instagram 500 million every day, this is not the usual but numbers are pretty fantastic. Because of the nature of his functions is also very much including the means to sell or promote an item or thing – certain things. Well, the usefulness of social media on this one, surely you include all users require ease in accessing the account instagram.

If during this time maybe we just rely on Android-based mobile phones, we could also open it easily on a PC Computer, Laptop or other device which does not provide application instagram, or maybe because we're too lazy to download it in advance. How do you do? Easy, you just need to follow his steps-steps below carefully.

How to open the Application on your PC without Instagram

Open an account through the Website Instagram
Please open the Official Website i.e. Instagram the browser of your pet.
Well, In the main view you must enter a Ussername and Password of your account also instagram you got.
To find out Your Ussername, with just enough to see it on Your Smartphone on Instagram App by selecting option "OPTION – account (Edit profile)"
Next, you can already access your account Your instagram.

However, open a browser using instagram has limitations:
Can not Upload videos and photos
Can not Download videos and photos
Can't send Direct Message (DM)
Can't create an account Instagram at PC
That can be done is edit profile, Change Password, comments and the Like

Open an account using Instagram Addon in Chrome

In this way the drawback to equal the first way i.e. using website just a little bit superior because you can download photos or videos at instgram. The steps are as follows:
First, you must open the Chrome Browser on your device, and then sign in to the site
Next Choose the button Add to Chrome for applications Instagram For Chrome.
In the question column appears essentially only confirms that You want to open the instagram, choose the option "Add Extension"
After that you will be submitted to the Chrome Extensions page, click "Add to Chrome". Then wait until the install process is complete.
If successful, then the next will appear in section instagram logo in the top right corner. Please click on the icon and do instagram log in.
If additional questions Arise you simply choose the button "Authorize"
Then after that you can open an account while browsing the Web on instagram Chrome.

The explanation above is tip and powerful ways to access the instagram you where and at any time without having to use the application. However, it's just more complete if you use the official Application, using a web browser or other means can be easily done, however, there are some shortcomings. Just choose how you live where you want to use to open the social networking easier this famous.

Hopefully this information can be useful and thank you for stopping by and reading this article. You guys can also get more information about Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media to the site There is a lot of information starting Tips tricks up to the latest news about Medsos.