7 this must be avoided when Building Housing

- 11:53 PM
A lot of things to be aware of when building a project, especially housing. Error when building will affect the process of residential sales in the future.

To minimize the occurrence of errors, avoid the following things when building a housing project:

1. not paying attention to the character of soil
Before buying the land, pay attention to the character of the land. The development process will be hampered if the texture of the ground too soft. For that, select land that has the texture of dense, such as land that exist in urban areas.

However, land prices in urban areas is very expensive. To save costs, you can glance at the land that exists in rural or remote areas. Make sure the location of the ground away from the coast, river or reservoir due to the texture of the soil is very mushy.

2. Ignore the completeness of the documents of the land
As it turns out, not all land comes with a certificate. There are still some land that is not certified, especially land located in the outback. Soil that is not too risky to be a certified housing. Can-can before the project is completed, the land owner sued by long.

Buy land that already have the certificate because it is more secure to managed. Interestingly again, certificate of land can be used as security when opening effort. That means you do not need to provide cash, except when paying employee salaries.

3. The location of housing less strategic
The location of the points being no less important when building a project. Buildings are located in strategic locations are more expensive. But, the public doesn't mind paying more for the sake of getting access to a convenient location.

Before building, prepare enough capital so that the development process is not hampered and timely completion. Involve investors to speed up the process of collecting capital so that the construction of the project can start soon.

4. Choose a region prone to flooding
Properties located in areas prone to flooding are usually more difficult to sell even though selling price is cheaper than a property situated on the outskirts of the city. Logically, any buyer unwilling if his house was flooded when the rainy season arrives.

For that, check the condition of the soil repeatedly. Visit the site at different weather conditions to make sure if the area is not prone to flooding. To make it more secure, you can build a trench on each House in an effort to anticipate floods.

5. Forgot to compare the prices of the land
The price of land is very in price even though it is located in the same location. Find out the price of the land in some areas, then compare prices to get the cheapest land. It would be better if you adjust the price of the land with the location and the physical state of the soil.

If the price of land is still gross price listed, please don't hesitate to ask for a discount. Provide a reasonable bid price in order to land soon to be yours.

6. Environmental conditions lacking adequate
If the environmental conditions around secure or vulnerable to acts of criminality? These points need to be considered are ripe to avoid unwanted things. Ask for the help of the Chairman of the RT or the RW to introduce you to the local citizens. Ask permission to the citizens that you are allowed to build projects in the area of their residence.

As a developer, you should ensure the comfort of the local community. Avoid making noise, especially at night when the residents were asleep. If you want to drill something, do it during the day when citizens are engaging in activities.

7. Development is not approved by the authorities
Do not continue with the project when the building does not have a clear property rights certificate. The authorities can cancel or stop the process of development that does not have a valid permit. Not only that, You could also be sued and asked to pay a certain amount of fines for breaking the law.

Arrange all necessary documents before the project began. Use the services of a notary public to launch the process of development. You have to pay an additional fee when hiring the services of a notary. However, the cost is comparable to what is gained.

Not all locations can be used as residential location
Before you build, be sure the area get permission to legally development implementation of the authorities. Because, there are some areas that are not allocated to build settlements, such as farmland, rivers, and bridges. Collect as many information to launch development projects.