7 of the best Local Fitting Cushion You Try!

- 12:32 AM
Cushion became one of cosmetic items lately very much sought after. This handy liquid powder is very easy to use and saves a lot of time dressing up. The resulting display is also pretty natural, so keep making the face look naturally fresh. A number of famous cosmetic brand issued a series of cushion and make these products are increasingly popular.

But it's not just the brand comes from the land, a number of local brand also produces high quality cushion and deserves to serve as an option. For you who are already accustomed to using liquid powder on this one, there is no harm in considering one of the cushion issued this as a local brand of choice.

The following are some of the best local choice of cushion for you make it as consideration:

1. PIXY Make It Glow Dewy Cushion
Been a dozen years in the field of cosmetics, certainly the experience has had a Pixy long in business on this one. Some time ago it issued a local brand products cushion directly steal the attention of lovers of cosmetics in Indonesia.

Products cushion output this pixy contain Moisturizing Botanical Extract that will make the look of the face look flawless all day. The resulting coverage PIXY Make It Glow Dewy Cushion also dependable and able to shut out the stain as well as other deficiencies in the face. For maximum protection, this product also already contain SPF 23 PA ++.

2. Instaperfect Wardah Mineralight Matte W Cushion
Wardah became one of the local cosmetics brand that has a lot of users at this time. To complement the series kosmetiknya, Wardah issued Wardah Instaperfect Mineralight Matte W Cushion. This product uses the High Coverage of Smart System Technology, which is able to cover the shortfall on the face in quick time.

Not only that, this cushion is also equipped with SPF 29 PA +++ which can provide maximum protection as well as Mineralight Fix can give moisture to the area of the face. You can find this product in 4 variants of color options to suit Indonesia women's skin.

3. Mineral Botanica Water Cushion Foundation
Though still counted as a newcomer in the world of cosmetics, Mineral Botanica also already has a wide range of cosmetic products that are complete enough. It provides local brand series cushion in 2 variants of color that you can select in accordance with color upon you.

These products are also rich deposits of minerals and other substances that would make your face look more flawless skin and moist.

4. Emina Bare With Me Mineral Cushion
Has its own uniqueness, Emina Bare With Me Mineral Cushion will provide results matte-looking glowing on your face. Fresh and unique look will look on your face when you use the cushion on this one.

Adjusted with Indonesia, women skin color you can choose cushion this in 3 different colours: Caramel, Light, and also Natural that is suitable for all skin types.

6. Mizzu Glam Rock Aqua Foundation
Do not give the appearance of a heavy face, Mizzu Glam Rock Aqua Foundation does make the face look natural. This cushion will be the perfect choice for you who want the final results of the semi matte. Not only that, you can also find these products in a choice of 4 different colors and according to Indonesia, women skin so you can select the one that is best suited to avoid.

7. Brun Brun Paris Cushion Cover Smooth Foundation
Brun Brun, Paris is also one of the local brand of already issued a variety of quality cosmetics and quite complete. Some time ago, this brand is also removing the cushion that is unique and can give you the look of glowing in your face. For you who want to appear natural, this cushion would be the right choice.

Best cushion and appropriate to Avoid

Cushion became the most cosmetic products sought-after lately. For you who like cosmetic items, there is no harm in choosing one cushion local that is now already more in the market. Select qualified and suitable for the cushion to avoid, so that these products can provide the maximum benefit for each appearance.