4 how to select the original olive oil for face

- 12:09 AM
Olive oil, lots of people use it to be utilized as one of the natural ingredients in the treatment of the body to maintain the beauty of the skin, face and hair as well. Olive oil is known as other i.e. olive oil originating from one of the plants that grow in the Mediterranean region or region can give the true intensity of sunlight in large quantities. Given the abundance of content and nutrients from native olive oil making it one of the reasons to select it as the basic ingredients are natural in the world of beauty, health and even culinary.

However, while the olive oil demand continued to rise led some irresponsible persons or start creating fake olive oil. Thus, thus arising the question "How do I recognize a genuine olive oil oil? And what characteristics distinguishing traits – both products? "this question very often asked by most people, given the healthy oil price is quite expensive because many contain unsaturated fats that are very beneficial for healthy living.

 in particular the for women who use it as a facial treatment to appear more lustrous, glowing, eliminate acne, blackheads, spots are black due to the sunlight and many more. If to erroneously and ended up buying a fake olive oil impact tejadi in fact will be the opposite. Not even be useful what – nothing. Therefore you need Tips and how to recognize the characteristics of carefully – the hallmark of quality olive oil. Health oil this can we know from the texture, aroma, and flavor as will diuraiankan on the discussion below.

1. The first way: stir

The first step you need to do is to stir the oil with a spoon and use a glass. Then place both your hands on the top of the glass cover and bottom such as holder, then stir until the oil esters contained within seistron way – shake the glass.

2. The second way: Inhale the aroma

The second step, you need to inhale the scent in the oil. Pull your breath and then breathe in the aroma of the oils in the glass. Olive oil products are true – true original scent is quite intense. Although for the aroma itself resembles the vegetable oil, this is the way or system to mengemulsi of oil. Read: 16 how to remove body odor.

3. The third way: olive oil tasting

There is no harm in you should also taste the olive oil before buying it, little content of olive oil can prove whether it is the original product or not. It is usually olive oil ori will give a bitter taste and a little spicy. If your taste is more sensitive then it will feel like the existence of sunflower seeds contained in the oil content.

4. The Fourth Way: the Ingestion of olive oil

The last step is to swallow the oil. Quite a bit of it as flavorings, if you feel something weird in the mouth is sure it's fake. However, if the original is true and there will be no sense of even up to the throat, this is one of the characteristic traits of the original products –. If you use this way of course you have to buy it first.

Well, here's a few stages and ways that you can do to be able to prove that the oil you buy is genuine olive oil or olive oil that's already engineered. There are a lot of benefits and the benefits of this healthy oil for the olive oil as much as any type of false you use it will have no impact what-what.

Therefore you dihimbau to do not affected at a cheap price. Because bisajadi is one of the tricks of the rogue sellers to make merchandise of olive oil were sold over the counter. Pay attention to the detail of the package if there are any suspicious information. And make sure that you buy in the store which can be believed and recommendations not only abal – abal.

Another tip is to make sure you buy direct in its stores without going through the online system that automatically you will not be able to distinguish between them in advance. Many tricks and how to select the original olive oil, always a heart – the heart and may be useful and don't forget to read the other articles i.e. the benefits of olive oil for the face.