4 How to find Work After graduating College

- 12:43 AM
Unfinished was educated at the College is questioned want to work where. Whereas there is still how the semester prior to graduation. Still further. So pikirmu? You need to know that posisimu can now specify how your future.

Sitting on the bench in college with a great responsibility on your own time is not an easy matter. You are responsible for your preferences, on the way of life that is lived alone later. No longer dependent on the parents. What is tujuanmu College? want to find a job right? For what is that job? Live your life alone and gratitude when you can raise a family stay.

If in essence tujuanmu lecture was working, no wonder that many students now desperately lecture to graduate and get a job soon. The very thing that was expected from the work itself is the salary. Wait a minute! Fast pass? Can work good? Great salary?

In fact, a quick pass and can be a nice job not forever ensured that the standard of your life will go up along with the high salaries that will be accepted. More focus again, nice job doesn't guarantee can give you a high salary. Why? First, the perception of the word ' good ' between one and the other are not the same. Sweeper is a nice job and could even be said to be very precious because it makes a place in the round so clean and neat. Whether it's a good job according to the perception of versimu? Maybe you said no because his salary may not be high.

Second, a quick pass not menjaminmu got a job good. Yes if nilaimu berlimang A and B, how about pass cepatmu it just brings the value of C? Instead of degrading, but various companies may be reluctant to any menerimamu though you berlimang experience is active in various organizations and activities be it internal and external campus.

Considering these two things, here's a tricks to getting a job with a relatively high salary after you graduate college and graduate already.

1. look at the average salary of your Profession
This nih first thing to be aware of. You should know the average salary of a profession you want. How do you do? You can browse some sites like JobsDB.com or Jobstreet.com which provides a variety of information about the range of salary for a particular profession or position. Or maybe it could be a lot of sharing with those who are already working with the profession.

Find out the average salary of the profession that you want from one Office to another Office could be a consideration in applying for. In addition you should also remember that first paycheck may not be as big a salary-salary employees who already work longer in there. So before can take into account the cost of your life when it's already got a job as a worker in a new Office.

Another point of concern is when it was applied for and entered in the interview phase, this is where the importance of information on the average job in the Office who desires so that when the session a question about the amount of salary you want, do not get impressed sell yourselves too expensive for the size of the fresh graduate. Considering this, it could be that you received at the Office in accordance with predictions and proyeksimu.

2. do not Easily Tempted by big name Companies
It also is worried about by some people, the perception regarding the name of the great and famous Office will menjaminmu to get jobs with high salaries after graduation. Although he had heard the rumors about the amount of salary when working in certain positions in the Office, it is possible that it was not in accordance with what was heard.

Large companies tend to have a lot of interest in this work and its employees. This will make the company should be more smart-smart in providing salary and benefits to its workers. You can't even guarantee that kinerjamu will surely join in promoting the company.

On the contrary, become workers in smaller companies also cannot guarantee will get a small salary as well. Small and medium scale companies usually need more workers and they are usually willing to pay a higher than expected.

The obvious power and knowledge they need to advance their company. If you want a big salary, must be a big man in a small company which task you are working to advance the company where you work.

3. Measure the Ability of self
It's also important to be aware and acknowledged that you should be able to measure yourself when working. You might have a row of values of A and B in the transcript of grades, but kinerjamu is not reflected from it. You should be able to measure how could you get through it because the job is a daily activity that will be performed when you have received in a position in an Office – the impianmu to work.

The ability to measure the ability of the sufficient points considered by the company. Why? They wanted private that can work with sincere, can divide the time, share when to be serious and when to be relaxed, able to work under pressure which actually appears from inside yourself when facing some urgent situations and important or spur of the moment. This ability also can rub off on fellow labour later that will be a partner.

Don't get when it's been accepted as a worker in a particular company, you sick more often and thus did not enter due to too tired to work. This will inhibit the performance of the company. In the end you could have just invited by HRD and invited discussion regarding the continuation of the work in the Office. When this was the case, both you and the company both parties lose.

4. do not Easily give up
This one points that should not be forgotten. Most do not work for yourself. Do not despair and give up easily when faced with some difficult situations in the Office. Indeed the world of work is much more difficult than the world of College. Many people already recognise that State. You are no longer dealing reserved value, can not protest when dosenmu gave you the value of C when it's been learned in the trenches and worked hard to get an A.

When you are faced on the world of work, no one cares how perjuanganmu when getting something you want. They thus will race each other menjatuhkanmu – some cases already often happens. Thus, we cannot easily give up in the middle of the road, opposite the opponent it was squeezed State with kemampuanmu while working.

The attitude isn't easy giving up will also provide its own plus points that will be seen by the company, so instead it's impossible this attitude will take you on a promotional work better and faster with standard of your life that can increasingly increased.

Science is important, but the characters are more influential have the knowledge that you get for sitting in the College indeed strongly support what will help with job seeking impianmu later (according to the Department of lectures that you live now) However, it should be noted that the workforce could not guarantee that has prestige will give prestige.

You should be able to fight by using tactics that will make it easier to achieve the purpose of work and got the appropriate salary could dream to live out your life and your family in the future, but by no means justifies all means. The integrity of the self remains became the important thing in any case including jobs, including good character you have.